"Spreading the fragrance of virtues in God's creation, Our duty...
Our commitment to divine debt."

Decades of Dedication: A Legacy of Selfless Service

Welcome to Runanubandh Trust, where the ancient ethos of selfless service, known as ‘seva,’ intertwined with the modern pursuit of communal well-being. Our organization embodies the sacred dharma of Runanubandh, weaving threads of altruism into the intricate fabric of human existence. Picture our mission as a luminous ‘diya’ in the cosmic expanse, radiating warmth without craving recognition. Through karma yoga, our hands tirelessly toil for communal welfare, dissolving ego in a sacred pilgrimage toward a garden of compassion. Join us on this journey, where the rhythms of seva resonate, and the fragrance of altruism blossoms—an ode to our shared heritage and a commitment to uplifting humanity.

We have been doing this selflessly for more than 22 years. You can be a part of it too!

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We Serve All

Health Care

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of their income or social statu ...

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Housing Scheme

One of our most remarkable service is providing homes to needy. We settled 1,850 Kutchi fa ...

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Humanitarian Service

Our humanitarian works include offering the needy food, clothes, shelter when distress, an ...

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Our philosophy, inspired by one of Jainism’s core principle of Jeevdaya, or compassion t ...

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Cancer Care Centre

Runanubandh Trust and Navneet Foundation in association with Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Rese ...

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